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If you are one of my friends who has either visited me here at The Laboratory (or are a friend of somebody who has and they suggested that you check out this site), please Click Here for access to my rants, etc.


For others visiting me here at my site who don't know me, I will start by telling you that I like music theory.  I spend time willingly working with friends who are music students struggling to understand what music theory is all about.  I try my best to help them feel in their hearts why they should enjoy studying it.   I learn a great deal by getting back to the basics with them, so it is fun all around.

I also spend time trying to find ways "out of the box"...  so let's go there.

I am involved in an experiment with Marianne, my wife, who got me thinking about playing some spiritual music appropriate for settings where one's mindset is balanced and poised, as in yoga.   We have created a style of music that blends many styles.  I realized, after I got quite far down the path of playing this blended style, that it would not be judged to be good by the standards of any of its component parts.  So, I made up a name... Balanced American Music, and I just kept on going, with a great deal of help from Marianne.

Come pay a visit at Balanced American Music to find out what it is all about.  I would love your feedback, so if you have thoughts about it, send me a note at randy sutin .    Also, be sure to check out the CD of this music which Marianne and I have released.  Marianne came up with the wonderful idea of using three traditional spiritual pieces as a framework for the suite, so I think you will really like it.

We are working on a second CD for release later this year, if all goes well.


Background music, "Key of Sea", Copyright, Randall Sutin, 2007
All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication or distribution
is a violation of applicable laws.