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My Friend's Sites

  • Barry Sames
    Homepage for Barry. I am proud to be a long term member of Barry's groups that play in churches and concert halls across the country.
  • Larry Ham
    Larry and I were at the Crane School of Music at the same time. Beautiful pianist and master musician. Check him out. His latest CD is great!
  • Tony Miceli - The Vibes Workshop
    Tony is a force on the instrument. If you like the vibes and are around Philly, you have to check him out. He's a great teacher too. His web site is a MUST SEE if you are a student of the vibes. It is a portal through which you can access the greatest teachers of the vibes on the planet, including but not limited to Tony.
  • Manose
    Manose is another master of the bansuri. He is now based in San Francisco, but is originally from Nepal. Please check out his music. Manose travels regularly with Deva Premal and Miten , but has many solo CDs available as well (he is working on a new one, too). Please support this masterful musician. He too is now my friend and teacher.
  • Steve Gorn
    Steve is, in my opinion, the American master of the bansuri (the traditional Northern Indian bamboo flute). He is also an accomplished jazz musician. His music ranges from traditional ragas to a wide range of improvised American musica spanning both new age and modern jazz. He is in my life now both as a friend and teacher.

  • Radioactive Productions
    Home of Daoud Shaw's place: Radioactive Productions. It's a great place to make real recordings of real instruments with a real musician at the helm. Daoud has the right stuff and it's so comfortable.

  • Moving Into Stillness
    This is Erich Schiffmann's site. Erich is a master yogi and very wonderful, warm, wise person. With a little push from my wife, Marianne, who studied with Erich, I have begun to practice yoga.  I have, over the last couple years met Erich, studied with him a bit (I am still a rank amatuer at yoga, not to mention life), and entered a whole new path of living more fully as a result.  Last year, Erich officiated as Marianne and I re-married after 25 wonderful years.  His friendship and teaching are a most valuable part of my life.  I encourage anyone to check this site out. There is something here that can make your day and possibly your life better. The bulletin board is home to a collection of very wonderful, giving souls.