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CDs currently available
  • A Brief History of (Jim) Miller Time
    This is Jim Miller's latest release, a compilation of tracks from previous CDs as well as some new material.  It is recieving wonderful reviews .
  • Moon of the Falling Leaves - Tyrone Brown
    This is Tyrone Brown's latest release, featuring his string quintet with John Blake as soloist.
  • The Magic Within -Tyrone Brown
    Ten compositions by Tyrone Brown based on the paintings of Herbert Gentry. Features Bobby Zankel, alto saxophone; Randy Sutin, vibraphone; Jim Holton, cello; Melissa Locati, violin; Beth Dzwil and Nina Cottman, violas; Ron Lipscomb, cello; Tyrone Brown, bass; Craig McIver, drums; David Valentine, percussion.
  • It's Another - Miller Time
    This is Jim Miller's latest release, and I think it's a wonderful set of compositions and performances. Check it out!
  • Meditations for Percussion and Flute

    Marianne and I have this, our first CD, available through CDBaby.com.  It is our first project together and the beginning of our experiment with what we call Balanced American Music.

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  • Free Bird -The Birdhouse Project

    This is the home of Dreambox Media, where you can find The Birdhouse Project. This group is dedicated to playing the music of Charlie Parker.   "Like the Philly jazz scene, this CD comes with attitude. This trio gives the Parker songbook a going-over, borrowing the hard-swinging vibe but tweaking as the moment suits."  - Philadelphia Inquirer 4/16/07 

    Check out this review at Allaboutjazz.com .

  • Live In Sedona
    With Walter Bell and the Latin Jazz Unit on a few tracks here.
  • Shades Of Green
    Dreambox is also where you can find Eddie Green's last CD, "Shades of Green". We all miss Eddie, but his music lives on.
  • Celebrate!
    This is Barry's Christmas CD. It's the best season for Barry's group. Some of Barry's best arrangements are the ones he does for Advent and you can find them here.
  • Awaiting the Spirit
    The first CD I was on with Barry's group. Beautiful arrangements and some originals. This association with Barry is where I got started thinking about playing music for primarily spiritual purposes.